Lakeside Care has been the Lake Chapala region’s most respected home health care provider since 2002.

In the beginning, Sara Vega and Ron Langley started Lakeside Care as an in-home care service for expats who had retired in the Lake Chapala region. Some expats; because of advancing years; needed medical and personal assistance around their home to meet their quality of life requirements.

In 2008, a need was identified for dementia and other types of memory care patients who needed more intensive type of care. In order to better meet these needs, a local “hacienda” estate was acquired. We named it “Casita del Lago”, or “Little House on the Lake”.

Along with memory care patients, a further need was identified. The costs and availability of less intensive care assisted living facilities in the rest of North America were falling well short of expectations.

“People were calling us to place either themselves or members of their family who had never before considered living in Mexico.” says Ron as he remembersthose beginnings. For the most part these clients were the relatives of elderly patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other form of memory impairment. These type of residents require extra care in a assisted living facility, and thus can be costly to place in nursing homes in the USA or Canada. They were desperate to find ANY option that would meet the needs of their loved one that was within the financial constraints dictated.

Many who come here for retirement worry that they can’t be close to their elderly parents. Since we are in the largest expat community in Latin America, people can have their retirement in the sun as well as being able to conveniently visit those relatives needing care.