roseThe cost of assisted living care can come as a shock to those investigating for the first time. Few are prepared for the expenditure that is well above that which a government pension check can cover. Furthermore, government medical plans will not assist for payment of assisted living for any but the most destitute.

Because we are in Mexico, we are operating in an entirely different economy. Some things are costly in Mexico. But this applies to manufactured goods like cars and electronics. The day-to-day items like food, utilities and medicines are much less expensive in Mexico. A good salary for a nursing aide is also much lower in Mexico than elsewhere.

As a result, we can offer rates much lower than those found up North. The following is a comparison of the range of charges at Lakeside Care with that of the average costs in the United States. The average costs in the US were compiled by the retirement planning company Genworth as of 2018.

Lakeside Care Prices* vs. Average American Prices
Type of Care Provided Lakeside Care $ Range U.S. Based Provider Cost % Savings with Lakeside Care
Assisted Living Private Room (non-medical) $1350-$1700 per month $4000 per month >50%
Nursing Home Private Room (nursing care services) $1700-$1900 per month $8365 per month >50%

A savings across the spectrum of care of 50% and over can be realized with Lakeside Care.

The quality of care provided is equal to or better than that which can be found in our clients place of origin and because Lakeside Care is operated exclusively from residential locations, the client will always feel like they are at home, rather then in an institution.

* Estimated costs for typical care not including medical supplies. Critical care patients are priced by care needed. Please complete our care assessment questionnaire for a quotation based on your particular needs.