Care without Compromise

Our caregiverBlanca with guests are experienced, well-educated, and committed to ensuring a high quality of life for all of our cherished clients. All of our staff must pass a background check before joining the Lakeside Care team.

Each home has a full-time staff of at least a half dozen people. All to cater to the needs of a maximum of 10 residents.

This labor-intensive method of faculty operation is not the most efficient way of providing care on a cost-per-resident basis. But we believe that in order to best meet the quality of care that we want to provide, this is what is required.

Mexico has an old fashioned reverence for the elderly that is widely considered lost in the culture of the rest of North America. This translates into a level of compassion, dignity and respect towards our residents from our employees that can be difficult to instill in the employees of care facilities north of the Rio Grande .

We at Lakeside Care want  our facilities to be a place that we would be happy to live in. We constantly look for ways that we can improve to meet the highest level of quality that can be found anywhere in the service sector.