Here are some of the testimonials given by past patients or their families.

My 58 year old brother had a serious stroke about two months ago and I placed him in Lakeside Care Center. He is very incapacitated and requires a lot of attention and care. I should also mention that my brother is very large, maybe 290 lbs, and they are very capable of working with him. I am very impressed with their caring, patient attitude. Sara is knowledgeable and professional and my brother has improved little by little. If not for the dedication of the staff he might not have improved to this extent. I now have hope that his quality of life will improve. I can return home secure in the knowledge that he will receive quality care.

Furthermore, the meals are nutritious and tasty. The food is high quality, nutritious and tasty. The staff also takes care of me and feeds me when I visit during mealtimes. I cannot stress enough their caring attitude.

I would recommend Lakeside Care Center without reservation.

Dianna Gilbreath

Love all the new pictures on this site of yours. It is wonderful to look back from time to time and know that the day we found you and left Mom in you folks care was one of the best decisions we have made in our lives.
I can not thank you enough for the loving care you gave “ol Grandma Bea”…she fell in love with all of you and for that we are grateful and at peace.
Now Ella is with you and again we see the same care for her.
The 100th birthday you gave Ella was Wonderful ! What a beautiful day and words are not enough for all that you do every day!
Thank you,

Mai & James Needham


My sister has been living in Lakeside Care for almost two years now, and I can’t speak highly enough of the care she has received. When she first needed nursing care, I was reluctant to leave her so far away even though she had often said she wanted to spend the rest of her life in Mexico. However, after spending a few days watching the care and attention, the patience and consideration, and the respect that she and all the other residents were receiving, I realized that, even if she had been well enough to travel, I could not find the level of care here in the US that she was enjoying in Mexico.

Barbara Tobias

Although I have not visited Lakeside Care myself, my cousin has been living there for several years.
As far as I can tell, she has been given excellent care and attention.
I have been able to speak with her whenever I call and I have been able to communicate with the owners.
I have thought of bringing her back to the U.S. but feel she is in a much better place than I could find here.
If you wish to reach me , you may request my email address from Ron or Sara.

Marjorie Miller


This spring I and my husband opened our new restaurant in Chapala, on the Lake. We both hail from the UK, with decades of hard won success and experience in the business. Named ‘Richards’ in honour of his 75th birthday, we specialize uniquely in European and British cuisine.

Off to a raring start and booked up every night, we had to pull up short. Richard had to bow out of the picture. He had a major brain operation. He recovered . But he is totally drained physically and is too weak to walk.

Since I am the chef, the Maître D, the shopper and manage the great success we have become, I am physically and mentally exhausted. So who cares for the career?

Sara Vega has saved my sanity and our restaurant. For Richard is part of the Lakeside Care Assisted Living out reach programme. He is fast gaining strength and confidence. The physiotherapy and professional care, from Sara plus her team, who come to our home, is second to none.

We often visit Sara and her American husband, Ron. We meet the people in their 24/7 care at the idyllic spacious family home, adapted for who those who need warmth and affection too. These include a former Mexican air line pilot, a mover and shaker on the New York Broadway scene of the sixties and from the seventies, a UK judge and business woman. One 92 year old lady from Spokane, a world traveler and trail blazer for retirees to Lakeside, is an enormous fund of stories including her audience with the Dali Llama.

If you wish to hear more please contact me by email: rosfreed@yahoo.com
Rosalind and Richard Freed
Richards Restaurant

Sara, Ron and staff, our family would like to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kind attention to Sonya, during her final weeks with us.   This is and was an extremely difficult time for us, but just knowing how well she was cared for, make it somewhat easier.

Again, many, many thanks,



Here I feel safe, secure, cared for expertly physically and mentally.

‘What safe in Mexico?’ All my British friends scoff. I have left them in a cold climate fending for themselves in the rotting remains of the UK health service and extortionately priced private care system.

A year on after my piteous arrival, like a whimpering stray undernourished bedraggled animal with its tail firmly between its legs, I now look and feel as fit as a butchers dog .

As I just turned down an offer of marriage to leave here, you need to know how Lakeside Care won with:

1. Three wonderful home cooked meals served every day, on time with a smile
2. A spacious suite with floor to ceiling windows, right on the lake side
3. A choice of single or a double therapedic beds.
4. All my laundry done and my room cleaned.
5. The whole day to read, write, watch TV/DVDs exercise in the gardens and practice Spanish with the staff or just have a siesta.
6. All the clothes and make up I could possibly need at 25% UK prices
7. Free computer and internet
8. A beautifully manicured grass soccer pitch for exercise in unpolluted air with a static bike and trampoline.
9. Top secured buildings with cameras and a big bull dog
10. Constant sunshine

Its around 80 degrees (in old money). I am in flip flops enjoying a super-fast internet connection with my laptop, on a sun lounger, with two sleepy puppies underneath. Now it’s off to the dining room to help two young Mexican staff members enhance their English pronunciation.

Here I live in and with a Mexican American family plus a sprinkling of American and Canadian fellow guests.

Now to explode some myths :

1. Mexican healthcare is in the era of feathers, fire works and fear. ?

Every little health problem here is dealt with entirely by charming, highly skilled, English speaking medics. It’s a 100% success rate at very low cost. Now I am a legal immigrant, I can have free health care.

Dentists are light years ahead of the UK. I have just had a front tooth replaced painlessly and cosmetically acceptable for 82 GBP, which didn’t hurt the bank balance too much.

2. Food is OTT spicy and contains hideous unidentifiable ingredients.

It can be. But with 20 K Americans and Canadians living on Lakeside you can eat Italian, Chinese, American and British too.

Here its home cooking. We have tons of glorious fresh fruit, greens wonderful soups salads and steaks. I love the fragrance of eggs and bacon being cooked for me in the morning.
3. The massive drug problem?

The media here are not as sophisticated as North America and Britain so the gruesome stories go global instantly, with little restraint. But I feel a thousand times safer at home here than as a widow of 70 summers, living alone in a farmhouse in the wilds of Wales.

In retirement, on my British State pension alone, instead of same old, same old, on an ever diminishing fixed income, freezing to death, I have found a whole new sunny world.

Its such fun and I can easily afford to live.

I will be happy to share more with you. Please contact me by email first then perhaps you may wish to chat on Skype?

Rosemary Grayson (Mrs) B.A. Hons. Econ., Justice of the Peace.

My mother-in-law has been a resident at the home since February 2012. At 93, she has lived in Mexico for the past 40 years, and with me and my husband (her son) for the 2 years previous to a serious fall in February 2012 that resulted in her needing 24/7 care.

We initially felt bad about her leaving our home, but as soon as she was settled into Sara and Ron’s home, we were so relieved to see the level of loving care she was receiving. Since we live nearby, we visit often and are very familiar with the facilities and staff. We knew Sara in her nursing capacity for several years before she opened the home; she and her staff have been excellent in their communication with us and the special care they give.

Peggy, including body rubs and light massage, respiratory therapies and exercise, as well as administration of a complex regimen of medications. the nursing assistants always quickly and cheerfully respond to Peggy’s requests when she rings her bell. They are much more like caring family than employees and it’s always a pleasure to see them and talk with them. Meals are nutritious and appetizing and served at her convenience; she says the food is great.

Also, we’ve been able to observe the care given to other residents, especially three ladies who require total assistance with every movement. I see them receiving patient, loving care and always looking clean and attractively groomed.

Sharon Oden, Jocotepec, Jalisco